Alexis Cros, graphic designer @intercouleur.

06.17 – Crash !, music agenda Ville Morte is devoted to alternative gigs around Lyon.
02.17 –, portfolio website and identity for Lyon based photographers.
11.16 –, portfolio for a graphic designer and an artistic director.
08.16 – Hot pursuit, one day series of photography of a motor sports competition.
05.16 – Part-Dieu, series of photography of Lyon’s constantly moving business district.
10.04 – Ficciones Typografika, my participation in the ongoing exhibition in Minneapolis.
08.03 – Sweet Soul Music, a book about soul music for allia, publishing house in Paris.
10.15 – Citéa, diploma, visual system I develloped for the public transportation of Valence.
09.15 – NYC Subway, photographic series focusing on materials, colors and lights.
09.15 – Intercourse, a new-york city magazine published by Pioneer Works.

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