Blaze Type

Specimen pour une fonderie typographique


Objet de communication et manifeste, ce specimen typographique de 24 pages raconte la genèse de la fonderie typographique Blaze Type. Cinq familles typographiques sont présentées dans ce récit photographique. Le texte rédigé par nos soins est un hommage au slogan de la fonderie: « Straight from the Blaze » (Tout droit sorti du brasier). Projet mené en collaboration avec Guillaume Sbalchiero.

Walking in the dark,
Large forest, full moon and singing snakes.
A strong smell of heat in the air,
We rides obstacles like a tidal wave.
Shapeless bodies mumble as we go past.

Dancing flowers tickles our feet.
A long and distant homily crosses slowly,
Quickly followed by a hot enthusiasm.
Pastoral psychedelism.

The glimmer of a fire, the sound of an organ,
We approach the meeting point.
Light and dark struggle in every corner,
Max is getting pretty mad.

The mirage gets closer, the agitation gets sharper.
Now we see the mine at the edge of the hill.
A stadium look-alike boiling mine,
Like a giant punch in Earths’s surface.
Thick smoke hides it all.

A giant wizard shakes his luminescent body,
A snake charmer with lava glimmer.
Hundreds of worms dance around him,
Caught by one of these we get closer.

From the cooking pot the material is extracted,
With great care and emotion.
Melted onto something as shiny as gold,
Digital, abstract and diffuse.

This new material is brought to the world,
Melted into shape and whipped out.
Soon conditioned and carried away,
For others to get a buzz.

With a quick movement,
The wizard gets rid of the haze.
And smoothly says:
« Straight from the blaze ! »

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